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Harvey Glascock Jr. Ted Barbone. Mike Ruppe Jr. Omaha, is now piloting the a. Des Moines, la. New program director al WWDC. Washington, is Ed Studney. New jockey line-up at new station WJ. Weslbrook, Me. Jay, Jim Sands, and Frank Fixaris. Eric, Pa. Hank Thompson has been one of the leading c jtw. On the show, he was billed as "Hank the Kited Hand. Up"n bis disLh. Many of the group's big hits were penned by Thomp-son. Sides chart. The singer was born in in Nora Scotia. He came from a mu- sicll family and was greatly in- fhi'enced by his childhood com- p.

Snow earned the nroney for his first guitar by un- fading salt barges. He had his professional debut iwr radio station CHNS and two fears later, in , the singer ' signed an exclusive recording con- 1 tract with RCA Victor. Snow's current chart rider "The Last Ride" is a train blues type tune. Hey, There 2. If I Give. My Heart to Yoii 3. I Need You Now 4. This Ole House 5. Papa Loves Mambo 6. Hold My Hand 7. Skokiaan 8. Teach Me Tonight 9. Rattle and Roll That Lucky Old Sun 2. You're Breaking My Heart 3. Slipping Aroimd 4. I Can Dream, Can't I 5. Don't Cry Joe 6. Jealous Heart 7.

Someday , 8. Floods of re- leases and from a host of labels is the chief contributing factor lo Ihe buying restraint. They are try ing lo spread their inxcniory, and only a few items are being bought in depth. James H. Martindala on Dot. Polkas are developing Into a profitable specialty for.

Vern Shereow lias added three more pallia and weslcm-ly pe labels. Rik Kroio, M. Distributing, claims his ". I Believe" by Chico Holiday. Mediterranean" by Axel Stordahl. Plallera she has been plugging that are going well include "Uh! Ohf' by the Nutty Squirrels on Hanover, "Enchanted. Coda Dlst. Co, M. Krupp DLst. Southern Record Dlst. Box Chestnut St. New Orleatis, La. Joe Banashak Bob Sarenpa Mr. Cosnat Dlst. Music Service Southland Dlst. Detroit, Mich. Newark, N. Great Falls, Mont. Atlanta, Oa. Davis Sales Co. Bamco Dlst. Standard Dlst.

Hartford, Conn, Denver. Pittsburgh, Pa. Dumont Record DUt. Record Mdse. Stanley Dlst.. Pico Blvd. Boston, Mass. Los Angeles, Calif. Eric Dlst. Record Sales State Record Dist. S27 Frankfort St, Folsom St. Ohio San Francisco, Calif. Superior Record Sales 20 E. Tupper Street Freedom Dr. Buffalo, N. Louis, Mo. Qarmlsa Dlst. Schwartz Brothers Tru-Tone Dist. Michigan Girard St.. Texas Chicago, m. Washington, D. Miami, Fia. Danube Lawrence Plaza Chips Dlst.

Leonard Smith. United Record Dlat.

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Broad St. Capitol St. Emanuel Philadelphia. Some of his sll-time favorilci. Silver Haired Daddy. Here Comes SanU Oaiis. Rudnlph The Red-Noted Keifldecr. When not on the road, the Challcnite recordins artist lives with his wife at their Melody Ranch in the San Fernando Valley. It's a way of life. Featured in the album are:.

Kearer My God To Thee. Pal is accompanied by the Jerry Fielding bran choir and chonis. His album, Carl Dobkina Jr. Presently, Carl b serving in the Ohio National Guard. His first Jubilee album. Do You Wanna Dsoce. Bobby will be en the Dkk Oark show Nov. In addition to hb hits Ob LoncMme Me. Don and lib family reside in Powell, Tenn. Ebb Tide. Ull Nov. Butch Maliice and Don Sta- czek.

Their single. Reveille Rock, coniinues to climb on the Hot chart. MPI Records is the label. Lover, and most recently. Peggy b per- forming her latest. Bom in Durham, N.

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Clyde b currently at the Howard Theater, Washiogtott. He opens at Town Hall. Brooklm N. Sandy, a year-oId boy from Southern Calif. He will be doing engagements ia Hawaii Nov. Tony wmiama. RHuembcr When n the title of one of their newer albums. Con- tents are a collection of hb geld record tVol. Don't, My With Came True. One NisM and 1 Got Stung. This b not Mr. All the music which a used on scene 1 wrote la Rome. For inspiration I walked long afternoon in the Forum Romanum and other places of Roman antiquity. Have a good holiday. According to the committee's executive secretary.

Henry VV. Levinger, the piano competition will be open to all American pianists between 20 and 30 who have had at least one public engagement. The committee offices are on East 60th Street in New York. Bill Goclz, of the movie world. Goetz has just finished a musical biography of Liszt which will be issued in the U. Appointment was made by Arthur Israel, head of the firm.

Maas was with the Warner Bros. Tha pop chanteuse's Polydor waxings are being made available in the U. Andy Williams received the Washington Variety aub'i token for "his oulstandfaig contribution to TV and the re- cording field. The Russ Carlyle orh is now on tour thru the Midwest. Louis during the Christmas holidays. The Rockhi' R's are now at the dub in Cohimhus, O. Ford Records has signed Johnny Dugan and the Shamrocks.

A new contest plan for deejays, involving a Top 20 record quiz, has been started by an enterprising group out in Cleveland Heights, O. It's called Network Promotions. Multitone A. It will be a jointly owned firm Eddie Manson and ballerina Paula Stark will be wed November Bob Rolontz. In co-operation with the local dog pound. Ward describes an appealing pooch each afternoon, inviting listeners to contact the pound if they are interested in adopting the homeless pup. Pee Wee King in town last Tttesday 17 for a round of the local music haunts before departing for Washington in the interest of his Ridgeway Music firm.

Hb partners are keeping the act going during his absence. Saul and his' wife operate Chez Neva, theatrical boarding house in Newport, Ky. Danny Eogel, veteran song plngger affiliated with Chappell Music, spent 48 hours In Jewish Hospital here for observatioB last week, after a bone lodged in his throat while dining with friends Tuesday night Cecilia," as the second tide to ' When I'm Alone," which Gary waxed recently.

Platter ii ilaled for immediate release. The "Alone" ditty was penned by Harry Carbon and his former writing partner. Erwln King. Bill Sachs Nashville Buddy llarroan, his town's ace drummer. Is gelling distributorship here for Ihe boo boo stick, which he's hoping will siir a kid craze much like the hula hoop did. Decca'i Harry. Lcroy Holmes In to direct sessions for Everest label.

Jfan Reeves infos that jocks who do not have copies of his newest release may obtain them by writing Curtis Artists Pro- ductions. Act is booked by Jim Denny Artist Bureau. Joe Lucas, Acuff-Rose Publications promo man. Maples will manage a newspaper in Bristol.

The things we leave behind. | The Bloggess

It expires December I George Dunmg produced a Colpix album. Record Merchandising. LA dislrib. Crown Records has signed George Libcrace lo record a dozen albums during the next 12 months. Also at the same diskery, it s re-packaging the Spike Jones C liristnias album for this year s sales. Mel Blanc, multi-voiced comic long in Hie Capilul fold, was signed lo a long-term disking pact by the Warner Bros, label.

Tops label named Wally Hill as special products divisional manager for the 1 1 Western States. Golden Tone and Craflsmcn. Former afliliations include serving Somerset-Slereo Fidelity as Western regional sales manager and national sales manager for Bel Caalo. Lee Zhiio. In "Witchcraft," Chris proves to be the freshest, oiid thi hottest, personality to hit the pop market in years!

Her hip, bold sound, complemented by the exciting colors and cra7. Colunibil CI I] Iirii. Dot OLP 7? Johnny MaHiis. Columbia CL Van Cliburn. Picky Helson. ColMl ia a Henry Mancini. Dot DIP CwMey, hcetd He. Minneapolis Sympnony 'D Orch. Sound Track. Johnny Mathis. Columbia CS LP P'i t2.

W Ol tuigentcd retail price ; Beit- Sellinfc f-:P'i. Mickey Mouu MM 31 2. GolUen LP M 6. Spirilimlia 3. Exotica 4. Hyinntt Ifnnesvcr l-. Cjpilol EAr l,7Ji 6. O-M EPX 7. Cash in on critics' raves! Brahms, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Goldkette recreates his great- est hits: Who? The Three Bells; Mack the Knife; other hits in one big album. Sales plusses: the Astaire r ime. One of the biggest names in the gospel music field presents a collection of one dozen of his all-time record hits.

Follow-up to the best-selling Vol I. Famous arias from Bellini and Donizetti operas as sung by a celebrated star. Pop BE. Selections — all prime jockey wax — include "Pretend. Patrick s Ca- thedral Choir mixed group of. Francis X. Duffy, contributes moving choral treatments of traditional carols. Patrick's Cathedral, which should make this package a strong sales item.

Sound is excellent. Columbia OS It has lyrics by Johnny Mercer. The disk is lilting and lively. It will get heavy deejay play and exposure. Top merchandise. Some of the selections are with chorus; others are bright inslru- nienlals The set is nicely programmed and includes both religious and pop Christmas favorites. Sound is good, and the colorful cover is also an attractive feature. Hifihiowcr, a vounii man who has long been well known lor hre musicianship, turns in brit:hl. Chancellor — A masterful packaging job by the label, calculated lo have a powertul appeal to tans of the artist.

The dual-fold set has two different color photos on front and back covers. Inside there are two pages of black and white candids plus a giant two-fool square fold-out color shot. Tunes are a pleasant mixture of standards and new material, several of which have good singles potential. A potent set. A solid sales item for the market, with excellent sound values. Kenyon Hopktm. Capllol ST 2M. Issued in album form by M- J-M, sales of that music should bcnetil by the excite- ment generated by the film.

Rosza had a better than average chance for creative composing, in view of the many dramatic episodes in the four-hour film. The result is one of the best and most salable of all film score albums, well played by the Symphony Orchestra of Rome. De luxe boxed packaging contains a copy of the book about the film, uhich alone sells for SI at theaters. VI — A de luxe package for the famous gospel and hymn singing group. In an attractive four fold packaging, the disk is tucked into one side with a handsomely illustrated book on the other, which con- tains vocal parts for all the hymns being sung by the group.

Hie songs and Ihemcii are ijone with sfaim- mering warmth adding up to tnost appealing background listening Offerings include "Tranmeiai. The de luxe, four-fold package con- tains bound in pages of black and white candid photos and a huge fold-out two-foot square color photo of the lad. Then, too, both front and back covers contain different color shots of the artist. Tunes include "Ain't Misbehavin' " and "Gimmie a Little Kiss," in addition to a flock of ncuies generally in the rock groove.

This one would appear geared to solid sales. Strand SL — This effort should be fun for a lot of folks.

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It's doubtless the wildest of the many wax treat- ments given Peter and the Wolf , with a Dixieland attack on Prokoticf. Hans Conreid does a wryly amusing job on the narration, which is slightly hipped to make it compatible with the music. Flip side offers six instrumental treatments of the key themes, without cottimentary. Joel Herron's arrangements are imaginative and in good taste, too.

Attractive cover photo of j artist gives LP strong display value. The gospel chord progressions, and the in- tense quality of the vocals will have a purging effect on the sinful. These include "You Better Go Now. For the artist's fans, Ilia recording finds her at hei best. Epic BC Stereo Si Monaural I — Violinist Arthur Grumiaux and conductor Eduurd Van Beinum give this package strong name value, since both frequently appear in this country with considerable box- office success.

World Pacific S — The Master- itounds are up to more of their inventive and clever jazz klylings in this happy seasonal package. The arrange- ments are by Buddy Montgomery, Exceltent cover. Modern, swingin' treat- ments arc accorded Bizet's opera score. Personnel includes Andre Previn, Shelly Manne. The all-star linc-up will prove a lure, and just a listen to any one ot the tracki will convince.

Warwick W — Striking cover painting of the late Jolson gives double-told package good display value. Morty Craft and his ork wrap up a group of Jolson's best known tunes in lush, sweet-stringed instrumental treatments. Nice jockey wax. Decca DL Ati:o ABC-Paramounl Heartaches by the Number By H.

Col 4U Deck of Cards 7 S By T. Dot I59U. Challenia Lonely Street By K. Cadenca Mer Savoy ]. Rendezvous Dot I? Second Ten Atlantic ; Erroll Gamer. Mer 3O; Jane Harvey. Sil Austin, Mer ; Al Hibbler. Met The Mormon Tabernacla Choir. Col 4J43f. Just Ask Your Heart Woo-IIoo By O.

A- Teens, Roulette New York Dec IT: Dorothy Shay. Guvdcn I0; Shirley Gunier. Kapp ; Ima Robin. Coral CuJence l? Ilish School U. Ricerd Nt. Mrtrury 7 1? Bl Top.

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  • A 6 lomnit Farrnds. Colaaibla Ncwfoldt Cadence l. Arlanik Javk KineMoa Trio. I JiMTie M. Tint Arliit. Canxny, ttcwd Ito. BMI Robbins. Josle 5. Dot 6. HI It. Running Bear U u Sandy. Top side is about a wild poker game and features crazy piano backing by Mike Stoller. Flip is a complaint about a friend who has everything. Either or both sides here. On top is a bright up-beatcr which also has solid chorus work and a strong melody. Flip is a slow and highly persuasive blues. Watch both. Top- side is a bright ditty with a "Baby" Cortcz type organ backing and a good chorus sound. Looks like a strong bet, as does the flip, a cute, swingy tribute to a chick.

    On top is the grand old tune done up in a strong vocal job to a guitar and harmonica background. It can be a winner. Flip, also appealing, is a pretty' tune from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Sound of Music. It's a pounding venion of the oldie with a tenor lead growling against a steady drum beat. Watch it. Flip is "Starfire," a rocker.

    Has touches of "The All American Boy" in the approach. The practice of our staff psychologist, who sees these candidates, is dedicated only to this type of counseling. Each meal consists of only a cup or less of food. She does not drink anything with her meals because the liquids will flush the food and nutrients through her system faster.

    They have to learn to eat slowly and chew thoroughly. So when she makes a special dish, Lani takes it to work or someplace where she can share it. That way she can eat a smaller portion while others enjoy it too and she does not have it around home to tempt her. She has worked as a bartender at the busy Nisswa Municipal, The Pickle, since before her weight loss surgery. And while she enjoys and receives many compliments for her success, the downside is that if she were not to succeed, her failure would be obvious to the patrons. They offer the Lifers weight loss support group for those of us who had weight loss surgery a year or more ago.

    They think I weigh less. Muscle weighs more than fat. Now, I am totally dependant on my studio classes at the Y. I attend four days a week. The support of staff and classmates really helps to keep me motivated and on track. I also roller blade and walk my dog quite a bit too. LeMieur says. Lani is successful because she follows the program. She keeps all her follow-up appointments, attends support groups, eats good foods in the right amounts and stays active.

    She uses the tools. Melody Banks Melody Banks has been working professionally as a graphic artist and writer since Glitzy, glamorous, edgy Vegas!! Shortly before landing, my eye caught multi-layers of softly colored bluffs in a far off blur. Trips to Vegas are nothing new to Brainerdites.

    Still others opt for gambling junkets to Laughlin, just south of Vegas, several times a year. The media report that the national gambling capital of the world is in its deepest recession since casinos first dotted the desert in the s, but we found the streets packed with people. One of the more opulent hotels, The Bellagio, boasts a conservatory and a dancing water. We were so mesmerized by the waters, moving in rhythmic time to music, that we came back a second night just to watch from a balcony.

    Peters, transport the tourist back to ancient Rome. Down the Strip are hotels with more replicas of castles, a pyramid, the Eiffel tower and even the streets of New York. Think Celine Dion. Before the trip we accessed the Internet, searching out. The Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas, where oxidized minerals create shades of red, pink and sienna in the sandstone while an older gray limestone rises above in craggy peaks. Choices included Cher, Barry Manilow, Donny and Marie or comic Frank Caliendo but we opted instead for something with some production pizazz.

    After a full day of exploring the strip, we rented a car and drove into the desert. Following a tip from our hotel desk clerk, we got an early start, before the hordes of tourists descended on the Hoover Dam, 30 miles southeast of Vegas. We Brainerdites know dams, the Corps of Engineering kind that tamed the Mississippi. But the Hoover ov ve er Da D Dam am is is iin n a le lleague eag eag gue eo off lilions ion ons o off y eaars wi e inds nd ds b bl lew w aacross cro cr osss tth he ssa and d years, winds blew the sand, its own and we marveled at the engineering creating striated lines visible in the rocks feat of mammoth proportion.

    Dedicated in today. Oxidized minerals created shades , the dam was designed to flood the from pink and burgundy to earth tone sienfruit and veggie fields of southern California. In some locations an older limestone In addition it produced the power that some pushed above the stand stone in craggy say fueled the growth of the West; cities like peaks of gray. Los Angeles, Phoenix and points south. For mil-. The br The Th brai brain rai a n is i a one of the most mysterious organs of the body.

    The good news is that we are gaining ga g gain ain inin ing k knowledge know kn ow ow in the overall field and specifically improving our understanding about ssome so ome ome me o off th the he unique mental health challenges women face as they ride the hormonal waves throughout h h their lives. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is evidence to suggest that twice as many women as men will experience depression.

    That means one out of eight women will at some point in their lives struggle through moods that cause significant dysfunction. We are not talking about the normal ups and downs of life, the challenges that come with balancing work and family, the moodiness associated with the menstrual cycle, the sadness of divorce, or the stress caused by care-taking an elderly parent or a special needs child. We are talking about a time when joy feels totally absent and despair is all that is evident. We are talking about being surrounded by people that love you and still feeling utterly alone in it all.

    Tough life circumstances can be a tipping point and that is what makes it difficult for people to identify that their condition is not normal grief, but rather depression. Or to understand that their rages during menopause are more than just general edginess brought on by a hot flash. She works with licensed psychiatrists and obstetricians and specializes in treating women with mental health conditions. The body changes and the brain continues to develop. She undergoes visible changes: a growth spurt, fuller breasts, and a menstrual cycle.

    Emotions also develop: passion of new love, friendships that are immediately intense and endearing, and an increased sensitivity to her own heart and the hearts of others. Most girls endure and thrive, but some become too sensitive, too emotional, and feel that things are spiraling out of control as they try to adjust to moods that seem to have a life of their own.

    According to Lori, PMS premenstrual syndrome is normal. Symptoms of depressed mood, anxiety, anger, social withdrawal, as well as a sensitivity to rejection predominate in PMDD. There are sleep disturbances, fatigue, appetite disturbances, and generalized aches and pains. Women can have decreased concentration and become forgetful. This may sound a lot like PMS, but the difference is the degree to which it impacts life. PMDD results in extreme social and occupational impairment and causes significant dysfunction within personal relationships and marriage. As girls move on into womanhood, they enter the age of child bearing, complete with the joys of pregnancy and motherhood.

    For some, however, an unforeseen and darker path occurs. Issues of infertility can introduce a sadness that brings some women into the realm of depression. Women already in treatment for depression or anxiety may face. Worse yet, previously sane woman literally face insanity when they develop postpartum psychosis. They experience night sweats, poor sleep, edginess, palpitations, memory problems and major life adjustments. This is normal. But just as the increase in estrogen can bring on depression, the return to a decreased estrogen life is just as disruptive and again women are vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

    There are unique water pills available that level the moods associated with PMS and specialized treatment planning and monitoring to manage anxiety, depression, and bipolar affective disorder during pregnancy. There is no need to suffer alone, women merely need to know that there is a place to turn and treatment options available to deal with their unique mental health concerns. Heidi graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School where she also completed her residency.

    Dear Readers, All too often we are made to think we should have all the answers. It was born of my trying to figure it out in a tattered sketchbook. When someone I had only just met had a dream that my work had been picked up by a magazine, I thought it was a good indication it was time to step beyond myself and share. So thank you for your encouragement. May I offer you mine in return: Never fear. Only hope. And take that next step. However small. McKenzie Bass McKenzie Bass is an emerging talent whose work draws much of its energy from the world of fashion.

    Words were always an important part of my world. Mom often read stories and poems to my siblings and me. My dad wrote rhyming poetry. Once I recited his historical poem at a school program. I memorized numerous poems for church pageants. What generated that first poem? Get out of here. I shuffled off and wrote my first poem, placing feelings on paper. This sensation would return when I began to write poems in earnest. While I was writing Rod McKuen-ish poems, a good friend, Mary Johnson, wrote astounding, imaginative prose and poetry.

    I remember looking at one of her poems hanging on the wall outside the library at Crosby-Ironton High School. I was awed by her artistry. Our high school English teacher, Jim Rude, placed unusual visual aids in the classroom. This encouraged me to think and write about unusual subject matter. Although I was primarily an expository writer and diarist, I was also a prodigious notewriter.

    Classmate Nancy Ravnik, handed me a large bag of these notes at our C-I 20th class reunion. My mother often told me I had wisdom beyond my years. A chemical dependency counselor by trade, my 30s overflowed with family life. I took dance classes with my teenaged stepdaughter to fill the creative gap. We attended monthly meetings and wrote poetry, submitting our work to contests and for publication. Poetry groups led to publication opportunities. One became the first group writing project supported by Five Wings Arts Council.

    Duluth is where my parents met and where I was conceived. This seems an apt place to publish my first book. Whether I win prizes or receive recognition for my poetry, I will continue writing because I enjoy the process-poetry is a method to discover what I know, to wonder, to explain the inexplicable. While our bodies bloomed in matching flowered shirts, we poured ourselves into rear-hugging stovepipe pants. The rubber toes of our new bumper tennies shined like childhood patent leather. We were hipless, girlfriends partway through our teens, our dolls ditched for real action.

    Dark-haired Barbies, on the lookout for their faceless, groovy Kens. We sauntered the sidewalks while sunbeams and moonbeams tracked our aimless route. We thought we knew what to do with ourselves, where to find out. We traipsed through town, wore our youth like tiaras on the glistening hair of beauty queens. Main Street was our runway. Up and down streets, hitchhiking on highways, we carried dreams on our backs like magic carpets.

    They warmed us on cold nights when coats were thin and no one seemed to notice how we twinkled— how this orbit was meant to steer us from that lukewarm town, a town whose gravity held our bodies earthbound, kept us from melting the stars.

    visite des temples d'angkor

    I turn toward the shiny-sheeted bed where a broad-chested Tarzan awaits me. Eyeing my curves, he reaches to hold me and when I turn to him, I turn toward his love like a sun whose blistering rays I have only imagined. I was going to be in public, I was going to be seen. I dressed up like every teenager too young to drive who had nowhere to go.

    I pawed through my wardrobe like a model on her way to walk the red carpet. My makeup was impeccable—every Twiggy bottom lash painted on, the top ones mascaraed to the nth degree, lipstick pale pink or white, giving lips a slightly bluish hue. Mom would tell me to hurry up, but she always waited. This time I walked down the stairs in my white hip-huggers, wearing red, white and blue platforms, and a red and white striped sailor top.

    I could see that she approved, though she had said the wide legs were a bit over-the-top. What did she know? She was my mom. At the store while at the check-out counter, she dug in her purse for pennies. I rolled my eyes at the grocery bagger, a junior, who carried the sacks to our car. Over and over I replayed his three-word reply. Was he mocking me?

    Did he ignore me and thank only my mother? We paid our babysitting and dishwashing dollars, had our hands stamped by adult chaperones who leaned close to see if they could smell booze on our under-aged breath. The band and bathrooms were at the far end of this narrow cavernous room with folding chairs placed strategically along the cement-block walled perimeter. An unlikely room to captivate youth, transformed by the heat of bodies in motion, strobe lights, and loud music.

    On Friday nights after hours in the post office letters boogalooed in their numbered boxes, matched our watusi moves to Wipeout. How many envelope tongues tangled while paired-up in a slow-dance to House of the Rising Sun? She says her artistic tendency is to observe, analyze and then change what she is creating. Below-zero on a Saturday night, yet never too frigid to leave town. We camp out in the bathroom both leaning into the mirror as we separate our mascara-clumped lashes with straightened safety pins.

    Our bugged-out eyes are new worlds yet to be navigated, orbs to be explored. Mary wears my green paisley mini with neon nylons, a see-through scarf holds her hair in a low pony tail. I wear a short, scoop-necked pink and black shift with shocking pink tights that shimmer my legs and make me think I might be part-flamingo.

    Her brother, John, hollers outside the door, begging to use the only bathroom, but we are caught in the middle of preparing for the time of our life yet to come and nothing can distract us from our future. It plays out like a well-orchestrated symphony. Each section does their job, yet harmonizes with other sections to culminate in one colorful, beautiful, heart-warming gift.

    But instead of delivering music, the Brainerd area Kinship Coats for Kids drive delivers warmth and care. And every year it has grown, much like a snowball, including more and more people and organizations, more and more coats and other winter items, building to a point now where more than 1, needy youths and adults receive coats each year.

    When I asked Susan Bricker, who owns Crystal Cleaners with her husband, Rick, how they became involved, she recalls the origin. I love people and wanted to give back to the community by helping kids in need. Crystal Cleaners receives donated coats year round and spends roughly eight to 10 hours each day cleaning the items during the month before the coat drive. Service Master helps store some items until the drive. Susan Bricker, with her warm personality, has given in so many other ways, too. Crystal Cleaners donates the cleaning of all U.

    For the coat drive alone, they clean more than 2, items each year. Getting set up for the coat drive takes many hands. Sandi Colbenson, activity and volunteer coordinator at the Brainerd Kinship office for the past four years, puts in about 60 hours each year organizing and running the coat drive. One of many Kinship projects she works on annually, the Kinship coat drive is not just for Kinship partners. It encompasses the need in all of the Brainerd lakes area. She is very appreciative that the last two years Westgate Mall has given them space in the mall.

    Both have helped in so many ways. And I have many volunteers help at the Coats for Kids giveaway. Brian Churack and Barry Brueland both take care of the advertising and promotions during the month leading up to the coat drive. Broadcasting is a cluster of six local radio stations; four FM and two AM. Not only does B. Broadcasting help transport the coats, the stations get the word out.

    Participating area churches have boxes set up where extra yarn can be dropped off so others can pick it up to knit or crochet items for the coat drive. Hundreds of handmade hats, scarves and mittens were provided by area women this year. So many women and churches contributed so much. Bring them to Crystal Cleaners and they will clean it up to be ready for the coat drive in the fall. Remember, they accept adult coats too; need has no size.

    Coat drop off sites are Crystal Cleaners in both Brainerd and Crosby, along with various businesses and churches in the area. If you are interested in donating or helping in any way or have questions, please contact Sandi at Kinship at or fun kinshippartners. Give a warm fuzzy today. The great feeling can last all year long!

    Skilled medical care for total peace of mind. Remember, there is a difference. Jill Anderson Jill is a frequent contributor to Her Voice. She enjoys the outdoors, running, and spending time with her ever-growing family. It has been nearly eight months since I embarked on my journey back to Korea. Buan is a city so small that there are no major department stores or movie theaters or anything remotely American.

    Although at times inconvenient, I have to admit the family-run stores and restaurants are refreshing to see. To get some perspective, Buan had its first foreigner about six years ago. Currently there are only 10 foreigners that live in Buan. Some things cannot be measured, can only be The heart and soul of the Buan community has allowed me to embrace the countryside.

    Yes, the rice fields have a beauty all their own. Living here, I feel like a mini celebrity. My students have made me feel famous.

    Hello Kitty Crochet Purse Pattern

    My first day at school, the students stood up screaming and clapping with extreme enthusiasm. I turned my head to see who was behind me. The students were so excited to see to me! I think it helped that I looked like them-same black hair and brown eyes; I had that going for me. Not too far away, the Blanck family, Daren, Michelle and their. Even though we live in the same country, our worlds could not be more different. I am teaching English to nearly students in three grades.

    My largest class is 36 and the smallest, I am the only foreign teacher at my school. Communication has been my biggest challenge. They work in a Christian International school, pre-K to grade They have about students with a total of 50 teachers total, about 37 are foreign teachers from all over the world. Classroom size ranges from 5 to Their school structure is based on more of a western Christian approach. They have a three-bedroom, twobathroom apartment that has all the basic amenities of an American home, including an oven and even a clothes dryer, which is a rarity in Korea.

    The children attend school at a nearby campus, which they love. The Blancks have the option of literally creating two worlds, living more like a westerner and immersing as much or as little as they want in the Korean culture. My school is a traditional conservative Korean school where men and women sit at different tables during lunch and everyone brushes their teeth together in the bathroom. Teachers are highly respected and have a lot power here. Although outlawed, the students may be physically punished with a stick.

    I do not punish my students. I am powerless here as a foreigner. The students must adhere to a strict dress code and must wear uniforms. Hair must be shoulder length or up in a bun. No perms, curls, or coloring to the hair is allowed. There is also no piercing, no nail polish of any sort, and absolutely no make-up that can be worn. Shoes must be taken off in the front entry and slippers worn. There are also no custodians here, so the students must mop the floor, clean the bathrooms and assist even with gardening.

    Despite the communication and cultural challenges I face daily at my school, my students are the hope and the reason I know that this is where I need to be for now. Ahna Otterstad is teaching English at an allgirls middle school in the small Korean town of Buan, with little to remind her of life in the U. I could never run a 5K, 10K, or insert race distance here. It just takes some training.

    I liked it enough to continue running and participate on my college cross country team. Many miles, races, and pairs of shoes later, running has continued to be the sport I rely on for fitness and fun.

    Sarno, the human brain, back pain, OCD, Barry Farber, the lack of ability in the moment to perceive that a feeling will not persist, the oldest man in the world, human body as robot, the afterworld, Frank's 40th birthday, tiring of pop culture, detoxing, chemtrail dust, poisons, The Master Cleanser, caffeine withdrawal headache, addicitions, chemical amusements, coolness of coffee, condensation, beverage review "Java Monster Coffee Energy - Loca Moca" , making fun of Starbucks, Mr. Jesse the Cat running around in the middle of the night. Mustachio", solo trips to Walt Disney World, happy endings, buying dice at The Compleat Strategist, I Ching, Surfers Dining Room, Haiku Wet, theming, azul, sad video, The Magic Cow, guy with cat on his head, pixellated camouflage, two bathrooms, cigar, A View From Space, food ingredients, l-cysteine, rest room signs, time travel, the occult, supernatural beings, religion, obsessed with interdimensional travel, psychic wars, grates above the train tracks, gag reflex, focused on a big idea, personal power, tape recorder show planning, infallibility of the I Ching, Mercury retrograde, and wisps of black plastic.

    Louis, Missouri, U. States that are 2 states away from the border, the random phrases, the nature of reality, hypnopompic phrase "Warp Garden Pervasive", passing through a sea of information, "As Seen On TV", executive stress relievers, wandering around drug stores, "I want Dryer Balls", areas of the body that are harder to dry after a shower, laundry accessory review "DryerMax- Dryer Balls" , juggling, Nellie's Laundry Nuggets, interesting tactic, and Lake Border USA.

    Dick, glowing flying cars, and the analog VHS thing. Podcasts is finished, October NY Video 2. Jesse the Cat, a set of pasta objects, safety is rule one, another chair has died, ripped metal, chemtrails versus persistent contrails, cool item review "Magnetic Golf Ball Massagers" , Pylones, magnetism affecting computer monitors, degauss, thought I lost my Oakley sunglasses, Frank and his saffron umbrella, snowing, remembering the Starbucks Chantico drink from , Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice, Starbucks with weird gold statues and waterfall, sugar-free hot chocolate, hot Dr.

    Pepper, shoe review "Dr. Pepper post on BoingBoing. Pepper" , Dr. Pepper's 23 secret ingredients, denatured alcohol, Dr. Pepper from Texas made with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, distances in Texas, bag review "ChicoBag" black , plastic bag monster video, retired colors, environmentalism, global warming is a lie to help bring in a totalitarian new world order, turning the lights on, toy review "Desert Toob by Safari Ltd.

    Sasha the Cat, Karl Malden is still alive at age 95, the oldest living celebrities, short-lived TV show "Skag" starring Karl Malden as Pete "Skag" Skagska , Powers Boothe, Piper Laurie, candy review "Trader Joe's Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups" , back to work, missing the bus, feeling a breeze not in a normal place, fly down, a child-sized snowman doll sitting in the back seat of a parked car, giant chemtrail "X"s in the sky, chemtrails are not normal, crap going on right in front of your eyes that you don't see, seeing a " A Space Odyssey" pod spaceship on the back of a flatbed truck, maroon???

    Kendy" , dream review "small pale orange-yellow oval creature in the bed", "tractor trailer commuter train in the swamps of New Jersey" , "Find-It" game, new Overnightcase reviews coming next episode, The Overnightscape Underground website at onsug. Sasha the Cat, the "edited for television" version of the movie "The Breakfast Club", girl group update, figure out what's going on, whistling PotatOH! Frank talks about how the project came into being and where it is headed.

    It is the way I describe the tracks where I am hosting The Overnightscape Underground, between all the other kinds of content. Attribution: Include this entire text description. See above info for correct filename and ID3 tags. On the site, musicians collaborated to create songs by uploading and downloading audio tracks. All the audio tracks on the site were released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.

    There were "featured songs" on the site, and a much greater number of songs "in progress". Even though the site has shut down, the music from the site is still under the same license - which allows the songs to be re-released here in The Overnightscape Underground! I feel this mix is superior to the mix that was in the featured release. It is a great song and I am very happy to play it it here at the start of The Overnightscape Underground! The lyrics are very appropriate Good mornin' highway, it's such a good day We're goin' somewhere, where we can hear 'em play You're gonna have to trace this line, to know what's on our minds Just shufflin' down this road.

    We got our straw hats on our heads, yeah We've got an itchin' for the road To travel places far away Come on now, let's go. Good mornin' highway, it's such a good day We're goin' somewhere, where we can hear 'em play. I've got the feelin' that's got me wheelin' On down that dusty road On down that road It's got me wheelin' on down that road.

    I got my straw hat on today Ain't got no work it's time to play I'm gonna head out on that highway To travel places far away. Mixed by: mikerman. Posted on MyVirtualBand. Presented by "Coffee Information Service". Links: Carrie - carrieengdahl. Phil Mould: Bass Guitar. Frank Edward Nora: Lyrics. From the album "Naked Exit Friend", released March And can I say we are Crazy crossing a rocky stream Kissing hills and air and dreams Coltishly beaucoup in our mysteries.

    Bathing cool in a stimulating rio Tiki and arctic phase at Nanticoko Singing folk space rock at the top of our lungs Winding down in the wow fluff of the treetops. We can walk together Under the moon or whatever And our nasty predawn jive Will even make the scorpions cry. Humpback dude with jackdaw steed Whale and bird on a new kind of trip Motors, lights and audio delights Rubber bands are pumping energy. The treasure of me is stalking away At the whining dusk of day Your mental aggression craft is called Attack-type dog.

    Above the primly introspective waste The Rover is the tune As we skydive in new wave ruins She make weird animal dolls. Pogs were not a lasting trend The new age it just came and went The humans we're all stuck in are The leftovers of an obvious recall. More info at Frank's website onsug.

    Originally released on StationUnlimited. I went for 2 blocks on 46th St. I walked the full length of it and realized it would make a great "Place Sounds" piece a recording of an audio environment. So I started recording and heading back through the fair. Unfortunately, things didn't work out like I planned. First of all a lot of the musicians I had seen on the first walk thru were taking their breaks. Then it started to rain And then I realized I had pressed pause by accident and lost a lot of the stuff I was recording.

    This piece is the final result - the first in the "Place Sounds" series. I look forward to recording more "Place Sounds" in the future - it is certainly a different kind of audio content than what people are used to, but in the right frame of mind such stuff can be very enjoyable and intriguing to listen to.

    Who "fanfilm" Polarized Worlds, Dr. Who and Monty Python on American public television in the 80s, video camera, and June - Nov work. Who "fan film" in Who", interview with Jim G. Who, "nervous mental case", interview with Jim M. Who convention, Scene One rehearsal, guy cutting his lawn, dubbing, "black dichromium crystal", freeze, sound effects, "it was Szalzo", John Nathan Turner, "Bachelor Party", Lynn touched it, interview with Lynn, "insecurity and decadent megalomania", "the censored Dr. Who tapes", blackmail, Conceptual Video 1, magic, "house where people get laid back", Monty Python quotes, "Alive From Off Center", asking Jim questions, phrases repeating in your mind, "latent expectation", "vacation with Pee-Wee Herman", purpose of the video, hormone levels, "childhood fantasies", "victim of circumstance", "Bono from U2", mystic powers, nuclear war, "The Nuclear Movie", role-playing games, "Where is the chair?

    Public domain, released on Musopen. Source: Musopen. From the album "Modern Sapling", released June Early in the concrete cement Sheet metal whatever center The seeping enterprise washing I wish this snow was unrelenting. I bore a hole in the Nunavut springtime My misery isn't interesting at all. Overnight cable got the Beanies and the Christian Rock And all the puppets there Are constructed outta socks.

    The they and the temperature level Black trees, his antimatter sneeze Selected slash of casino ash Lass in the pedways of Halifax. I prepared all last night To rip the waterfall to shreds Deemrose Bonnie crossbow humid Pedway ankh the breeze is in shock. Early in the sheetrock day My chocolate factory is in no way Hershey or Wonka but it's quite okay Its effect keeps my childhood erect. It's January in Somerville, New Jersey Frank and a group of juvenile delinquents are making a movie about troubled teens exploring weird occult mysteries. Note: Potentially offensive content.

    Source: Archive. Down this lonely road I travel With my pockets filled with dreams All the mysteries will unravel Yet they're never what they seem. I need a hand to hold me I need a hand to help me on my way Oh yeah I'm just lookin' for a lover that's never gonna stray Oh no. One after another Throwing good for bad I watched another woman with all I had I should have known better having done it before Still I'd leave it all just to get a little more. One more shot at nothin' Must be doing something wrong Oh no All your takin' and no givin' Be easier alone Yeah. Virtual Band: liquidnoise George, Rhode Island - lyrics.

    Mixed by: buzzingstrings Rick Ellis, Louisville, Kentucky. From my room I can see Coyotes on the boulevard Alone and afraid just like me. Iridescent eyes flash in the headlights Not understanding these hot L. Running frantic in the big city gloom With no time for howling at the moon. A million people with that same terrified gaze With a million reasons to escape this place. Like coyotes on the boulevard Like coyotes on the boulevard Yeah Show me the way home Show me the way home.

    Virtual Band: bneumw William, Manhattan, Kansas - guitars. Mixed by: hockinfinger Marty Keil, Florida. God hates penguins All penguins must die He keeps them in the freezing cold And will not let them fly. Now if you've got a poodle And dress him up in black and white God thinks that's just the coolest thing y'all He thinks they're outta sight.

    I don't know why God hates penguins so much They're not mentioned in the Bible They've got nothing against him They should sue him for libel. Penguins aren't much good at conversation Or differential calculus But they're smart enough to know when they're being persecuted By God and the rest of us.

    Now if you've got a black and white chicken God thinks that's really nice You can fry it, you can bake, you can boil it in a pot And serve it up with yellow rice. Now if you are a truly good person You'll ignore the lord above And treat a penguin as a friend All penguins need love. Penguins in love Penguins in love Penguins in love Penguins in love Penguins in love Penguins in love.

    Virtual Band: brudley5 Florida - bass.

    Crocheted Treasure Bag

    This was a Song Fight entry and it won! Will the sun refuse to shine Will the moon fall from the sky Will the clouds make some rain Will the sun come up again Will my eyes ever see What the hell's in front of me. With every question Come my answer I don't know I don't know. Will they be okay Why they act that way I don't understand Will you hold my hand. Are you all that way Will I be okay What about this man Can you understand. Willl they be okay Why they act that way I don't understand Will you hold my hand.

    With every question I don't know Comes my answer I don't know. In the middle of the night just outside of Phoenix There's a little cafe called the El Gato Negro Thats where we go to dance. Look at the stars up in the sky So beautiful you want to cry I can see the moon on the horizon That's where we go to to dance. The wind blowing in our hair Drinking whisky whisky and beer A fire's burning deep inside That's where we go to dance. The music's pounding in my head Loud enough to wake the dead Too much whisky too much beer El Gato Negro is what I fear.

    That's where we go to dance That's where we all fell into a trance That's where we go to dance To dance the El Gato Negro. Look at the stars up in the sky So beautiful you want to cry I can see the moon on the horizon It's where we go to dance. The wind blowing in our hair Drinking whisky whisky and beer A fire burns deep inside Thats where we go to dance.

    That's where we go to dance That's where we all fell into the trance That's where we go to dance That's where we go to dance That's where we go to dance To dance the El Gato Negro. I've walked miles walking day and night Every footstep closer my goal is right at home for me. The war has taken its toll on my soul 'Cause each mile I make I feel a little older. I feel the heat comin' down on me And I feel my feet givin' out on me I left those battlefields for my home I just got to get back home.

    It sure was bloody down in New Orleans A few were lucky but most didn't make it And all the blood that flowed out in those streets And all the memories will haunt my dreams back home. I feel the heat comin' down on me And I feel my feet goin' out on me I left those battlefields for my home I just got to get back home. Mixed by: mikerman Mike Mikerman, North Carolina.