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Lapland, Finland

But there is some fierce debate over where, exactly, this dude lives. Getting to Joulukka was a schlep, but a mostly pleasant one in that it involved plenty of sleeping. Our experience at Santa HQ began much as it might for any celebrity introduction: We first had to sit through a preliminary briefing, presumably to make sure none of us would take inappropriate photos of Mr. Claus or pull too hard at his beard.

As we nibbled on gingerbread cookies, courtesy of Mrs. Corporate team-building retreats may also be booked; these usually involve snow-sculpting competitions, sleigh rides and sometimes a late-night party at the Elf Disco. Trust games optional. Santa is able to reply to about 40, of them, in up to 12 different languages — while most Finns are trilingual, Santa is apparently duodecilingual. At the time of our visit, there were dozens of letters from Belgium, a handful from Canada we have our own Santa address to write to, see sidebar and none from Tuvalu.

Where Does Santa Claus Live?

Joulukka appears to be where all the action happens during the days leading up to Dec. After our fact-briefing, we were greeted by the year-old female elf, who looked about years younger, perhaps on account of an oversized floppy hat and prosthetic nubbin affixed to the end of her nose. The door opened. Once the elf had explained all the tools and trinkets, a hidden door swung open and Santa himself appeared.

We were able to secure a few random pieces of information: Yes, he owns one of the 1. After an awkward pause, the elf leaned into his ear. You have a magic chimney that you can pull out of your pocket and attach to any house. We filed out of the Command Centre and, a short while later, bid Joulukka farewell.

After an invigorating white-water rafting excursion, husky safari or snowmobile trip, guests can enjoy the degree heat, plus a complimentary cider, as they drive back home.

Where does Santa Claus live, where is Lapland, where is the north pole? | Metro News

Where to stay It sounds kitschy, but the Santa Claus hotel in the Lappish city of Rovaniemi is actually as sleek and luxurious as any chic pad in Helsinki — the only Christmasy thing about it is the red colour scheme. So what does all that mean?

Santa's North Pole Operation

Imagine living in a city called North Pole, talk about having the Christmas Spirit but f you just want to visit then North Pole has you covered. To kick off the holiday season the city of North Pole, Alaska puts on a Winter Festival that includes a candle lighting ceremony, fireworks, Christmas Ice Carving Festival, and a community tree lighting ceremony.

The cherry on the cake? They even take it one step further and say that Santa was born here and never left!

Where Does Santa Live? The North Pole Isn’t Always the Answer

Oh, did that not answer your question. Then you must mean where does Santa live. Let me prove it to you.

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The reason why?