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If at all possible, this should be a group project. A written sample that shows the students understanding of one or more of the above topics researched using a body of information from primary and secondary print, non-print, and electronic sources. Students should demonstrate their ability to interpret and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary sources. A list of books, audio-visual materials, or multi-media that the student has learned from. A field trip log. Map work showing the ability to locate and describe major geographic features and selected nation states of the world and the ability to interpret and use graphs, tables, aerial photos, scales, legends, and various types of maps Answers to comprehension questions.

Take days to read about the daily life, occupations, family structures and gender roles in Laura Amy Schlitzs text Good Masters!

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Sweet Ladies! Activity options: I have identified a variety of activity options that you can choose to complete. Please look over the list and identify one or two activities that you would like to work on. Activity One- Drama Choose one of the monologues in the text to recite or one of the plays to perform. The plays can be found on pages and on pages Have someone record your performance and post it on Utube or on your blog. Activity Two- Creative Expression Write your own play, monologue, or song to illustrate the daily life of medieval times.

Activity Three- Writing Research some of the occupations within the Middle Ages and write a persuasive essay on which occupations in the Middle Ages were the worst. The occupations found in Schlitzs text are: blacksmith, plowboy, shepherdess, doctor, villain, miller, knight, falconer, moneylender, merchant, varlet, glassblower, sniggler, and tanner. Complete questions 1 thru 7 that appear on the Middle Ages webquest link. Feel free to complete the optional questions if desired as well as question 8 and 9 on the webquest.

For example, as a plowboy write a letter to the Lord stating the inequities of farming fields that are positioned so far apart that it takes a day to travel from one field to another. Give suggestions to the Lord as to how to improve your employment conditions. This activity was found on Pg. First, consider that your mayor or governor is like a king who owns all the land in your city or town. Then consider that your teacher or parent is the major land owner, or baron, of the place where you live or go to school.

In order for you to own a piece, or fief, of this land your bedroom, for example you must agree on a particular ongoing chore. You then become a knight and own that part of your house or school as long as that chore is getting done! Now, you might want to sell a small piece of your fief, or property, to a younger family member or neighbour. Consider what that person can do for you to make it worth selling put away your dirty clothes, clean off your desk, etc.

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Find a villein, or peasant, willing to work out this arrangement with you and then that villein, too, becomes a knight and owns a small piece of land. To help keep the names straight, wear nametags indicating baron, knight, and villein. Chapter three is focused on the monastic life. If interested in completing the first activity as outlined below but you would like to write from a nuns point of view then read chapter four as well. Activity One: Creative Writing After reading chapter three on the monastic life, imagine yourself in the scriptorium and writing a diary of your daily activities within the monasteries walls.

Once you have composed your diary you could either publish it on your blog, on fancy computer paper with handwriting scrawl, or you could use homemade tea stained paper. Be sure to include in your diary: the canonical hours, the titles of the various monks that you came in contact with, the work that you and others did in the monastery, and to what monastery order you subscribe. For more information on monastery orders see pgs. A few hundred? A few thousand? Find an approximation using this calculation. In minutes, time how long it takes you to copy one column of one page of the Bible.

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Take this number and multiply it by two. This new number tells you how long it will take you to copy one full page of the Bible.

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Take that number still in minutes and multiply it by the number of pages in your Bible. Now, divide that number by 60 to calculate the numbers of hours it would take you to copy the entire Bible by hand. Research online samples of the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels. These illuminated manuscripts were written and illuminated by monks between and A. Chapter five is focused on the difference between the Franciscan and Dominican orders.

If you prefer to create your own with pencil and paper then a sample Venn Diagram is provided in the Appendix. Lesson Five: days Read David Macaulays book titled Cathedral: The story of its construction and learn about how the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages were built. The movie goes further into the construction of Frances gothic cathedrals and ranges between cinemaquality animation and contemporary location sequences.

The program tells period tales revealing fascinating stories of life and death, faith and despair, prosperity and intrigue. Activity Two: Art and Design Create a cathedral using the design principles discussed in Macaulays book. You could create this cathedral on paper, with lego or wood blocks, in a virtual world, using Lego Digital Designer Software , or by using various other materials.

If you are wanting an easier option to building your own cathedral check out Usborne books. They have created a cut-out model book of a cathedral called Make this Cathedral. Write at least a paragraph on the trade you decided to research.

Life in the Middle Ages Unit Study - Grade 8

Lesson Six: 2 days Read pg. Activity One: Many of the diseases that were prevalent in the Middle Ages still affect some of the worlds population. Diseases such as, skin infections, stomach viruses, food poisoning, scurvy, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, measles, smallpox, chicken pox, dipheria, How has modern medicine managed to control outbreaks of certain diseases? Make a table of five diseases detailing how the disease is transmitted, the symptoms, current medical practices and a column detailing where in the world these diseases are prevalent.

Use www. There is a pre-made table in the appendix for this exercise, feel free to photocopy the table for this exercise or make your own table and post it on your blog for others to see. Lesson Seven: By completing all of the following activities for lesson seven you will have managed to read all of Janis Herberts Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: His Life and Ideas as well as have the choice to complete at least one of the creative activities offered in each section of the book. The activities with an asterisk indicate recommended reading sections for a greater understanding of Da Vincis life and times.

Activity One: 1 day Read chapter one, A Boy in Vinci and choose one of the creative activities offered within this chapter. Read chapter two, The Young Apprentice and choose at least one of the creative activities offered within this chapter. Activity Three: days Read chapter three, A Genius a Work and choose at least one of the creative activities offered within this chapter. Activity Four: 1 day Read chapter four, I Shall Continue and choose at least one of the creative activities offered within this chapter. Lesson Eight: 2 days Use www. You can find a list of Gothic and Renaissance artists on either www.

When finished you could include your report on your personal blog for others to enjoy. Activity Two: Artistic Expression Create a painting using either a gothic or renaissance style of art. Once you have an understanding of the style of art from that time period, create a piece of art using that style. For example, gothic art often featured religious images in the foreground with flat 2 dimensional backgrounds whereas renaissance art incorporated the use of perspective and the accurate depiction of the human anatomy.

Be sure to include names of some of the artists, the time period, the art and the principles of art that were used during that period of art history. Use any or all of the suggested websites in your research. The movie sets the stage for the Renaissance by providing the historical background needed to understand its emergence in the early s, when the glories of classical Roman and Greek culture were rediscovered. A comparison of Medieval, classical, and Renaissance approaches to art is also presented in this program.

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The blackline masters that are included with the movie include a pre-test and various worksheets that can be completed after watching the movie, if desired. Using the internet, research about the technological advancements made in the Renaissance era. Use the link below and click on the headings to learn about Johannes Guttenberg, his invention, his Bible and his life. The movie focuses on the later developments of the Renaissance.

The Medieval Era Timeline

This program presents the impact of the enormous changes that took place in science, invention, architecture, exploration and religious reform during this pivotal era of world history. Lesson Ten: days Use the internet to research about life in a castle. Erin is a writer, blogger, and homeschooler to two intense kids. She loves nature, farm life, good books, knitting, new pens, and hot coffee. Erin is a contributing writer for Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Her work has also been featured on Simple Homeschool and Book Shark. What a wonderful hands on way to learn about history! So much more memorable than reading books and watching movies. Well, we combined that study with some great […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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