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Its best use in fiction, incidentally, comes in the so often mediocre Agatha Christie. The book goes rapidly downhill after the brilliant beginning though so hold back from those Amazon buttons.

In any case, leaving Miss Marple to her senility, Beach recently came across a new version of this tale that excited him. She found it to be identical with the house envisaged in her continually recurring dream — identical even in the details of the white gate offering admittances to the lawn in front of the house.

Poplars and limes, violets, periwinkles and anemones were there, precisely as she had dreamt.

Thanatos Palace Hotel

She approached the familiar steps and rang the doorbell. The caretaker who answered told her that the house was to let because it was so haunted. Love this story. There is a Scottish version of this tale which is more elaborate and a bit too circumstantial and self satisfied for our tastes. It revolves around one Ballachulish House pictured.


The Boulton family was taking over residence from the Beresford family at the end of the nineteenth century. Mrs Boulton refused the offer to be shown over the house because she knew it from her dreams. One day, out in the country, she sees the same house and finds that it is for sale. On making inquiries, she finds that the house is haunted—by her, says the caretaker.

A History of France

Here are two similar stories; only these happen to be true… Pat had a recurring dream about a house since she was ten. The Armistice ended that mission. Maurois was demobilised and travelled from England to Canada. He wrote of these experiences in his book, Tragedy in France. His Maurois pseudonym became his legal name in He died in in Neuilly-sur-Seine after a long career as an author of novels, biographies, histories, children's books and science fiction stories. He is buried in Neuilly-sur-Seine community cemetery near Paris. She had a nervous breakdown in and in she died of sepsis.

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  • After the death of his father, Maurois gave up the family business of textile manufacturing in the novel "Bernard Quesnay" he in effect described an alternative life of himself, in which he would have plunged into the life of a textile industrialist and given up everything else all other things. After the fall of France in , the couple moved to the United States to help with propaganda work against the Nazis.

    Jean-Richard Bloch was his brother-in-law.