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There may sometimes be the resistance to heat condition your hair in order to straighten it out. Natural hair is made up of proteins. Excessive Heat denatures proteins. Natural hair can sometimes get tangled up and then you need to comb it out.

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Use wide-toothed combs as very narrow toothed combs can go rough on the hair causing breakage and removal. Using combs which are widely toothed enough helps you to grow your hair faster.

Take care of your scalp just as much as the hair that grows out of it.

This has the benefit of adding moisture to your hair which in turn helps your hair grow faster. This is especially important when your scalp is usually dry as dry hair tends to break often. So washing your hair with a conditioner not only helps prevent breakage, but it also makes it healthier and more hydrated. Avoid shampoos that are harsh on the scalp. A general tip in this direction is to avoid sulfate containing shampoos as these can damage the cuticles of hair thus impeding its growth. Also, shampoo usage should not be too frequent. Once a week is a good rate.

This is also to give your hair natural oils some time to act. Some organic natural hair growth supplements have the advantage of speeding up the growth of your hair while also being mild and gentle on the scalp. Coconut oil based supplements are a good way to start. Although it helped that we could promote the video through our Twitter and Facebook accounts, this paled in comparison to the traffic arriving directly via YouTube. Mike Essex , a search specialist for digital marketing agency Koozai. These days, when online video is everywhere, it is hard to come up with an interesting and catchy topic and perspective.

Here are a few tips on how to brainstorm great video ideas using various search tricks :. Use YouTube Comment Search within TestTube project that works as a real-time tool for searching through most recent video comments. Ann Smarty , owner of MyBlogGuest. Grab the attention of your viewers by jumping right into the action.

Introductions of any kind undermine the purpose of video, which is to communicate a message through action. Captivate the attention of your viewers by planning an opening scene as if it were a major motion picture. Jeff Korhan , professional speaker, consultant and columnist on new media and small business marketing. The best videos will look and feel like a spontaneous conversation.

However, what separates a good business video from a great one are little bits of information that must be planned and written in advance. The way you end each video is also important. The ending gives you another chance to mention your business name along with other information that would help a potential customer find you, such as your address and city.

Write out these pieces in advance, and practice saying them until they are completely natural and you can say them without thinking about it. One of my favorite video marketing tips has to do with the five useful ingredients commonly used in TedTalks: music; interviews; and showing before, during and after scenes from a live event. I believe the five ingredients help add visual and human interest to videos of all lengths. Debbie Hemley , social media consultant and blogger.

Do something completely unpredictable. This video ad is particularly delightful because it winks at the idea of a random home video gone viral. Lori Randall , online marketing strategist. You can make a great-looking video very cheaply and easily but the one thing you do want to spend a few bucks on is the audio equipment. If you are using a camera with built-in audio, make sure you are within about 3 feet of the mic so we can hear what you have to say.

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Test it, and make any adjustments. You can be forgiven for bad lighting, but never for bad sound. Linda Coles of Blue Banana. Use YouTube Annotations to direct traffic to other videos, your YouTube channel or a call to action to subscribe to your channel. This is also very helpful if you made a popular video that now has out-of-date information.

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Just add an annotation to direct viewers to the new, updated video without losing any of your visibility. Rich Brooks , president of Flyte New Media. For any new tool or strategy you test as part of your social media marketing campaign, there is no better way to learn from the experience than through follow-up.

Rather than doing all the hard work getting your video made and promoting it, and thinking the journey is over, taking action after posting your video online will give you an idea of the reception it is getting, and whether the venture has been successful. By taking on board feedback and monitoring which areas of your video marketing strategy worked each time, your videos will become more engaged with your target customers and hopefully, more successful overall!

Corina Mackay , an entertainment-based social media manager and writer. The most underutilized space on YouTube is the description below the video where you can describe your service and put in your URL that can be clicked through. Also add the Annotations feature from YouTube to create links in the videos. This is very powerful. Use captions and subtitles , not just for people who need them, but they also anchor your message if the words are there to read.

10 Quick Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

In fact, YouTube has an underutilized feature that will allow the video to be translated for multi-languages. Using Google Trends , you can find the non-U. Any video you upload to YouTube should also be uploaded to Facebook. The embed code from Facebook should be used in your blog or website because if the viewer is not a fan of your Facebook page, he or she can click on video and it drops the user to your page to Like you.

Lori Taylor , an award-winning marketing veteran. Make sure that the search engines can find your videos. Use a couple of keywords in the title of your video and be sure that it matches the title tag of the page.

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Also be sure to submit a video sitemap just like you would an XML sitemap. This creates an index of the videos on your site, making it easier for Google to find them. Jim Lodico , copywriter and marketing consultant. Five quick tips:. Nick Shin , online marketing strategist. While it is considered the second-biggest search engine on the web, you have many other avenues for getting your videos in front of your target audience.

To extend your visibility and tap into millions of potential viewers, add a video podcast to your syndication tactics. ITunes has million users in 23 countries, so adding your video podcast to their directory should be at the top of your list. You must have a web host for your video files and create a podcast feed. Then, submit that feed to the iTunes store for approval and listing in their directory.

Check out Podbean.

100%Very fast hair growth -- My own experience -- Hair Care Series Ep: 2

So be prepared to do a lot of work before diving in and trying to draw the favorite people in your life. And, as noted previously, drawing hair correctly is a big part of being able to draw more realistic people. The full-color portrait, above, shows how reflective color can be. If you look closely, you can see the subtle blue tones reflecting onto the skin and hair of the subject. I love drawing hair and all of the waves and colors being reflected throughout it. By viewing them up close, you can see how critical the pencil strokes are to creating texture.

The curves and waves of the hair were done with long, curved pencil strokes. It required many layers. The blue and orange tones were added on top with a burnished approach. This shows the band of light, where the hair creates a tubular shape. This occurs when long hair follows a curve, and the protruding areas gather light.

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You will see this band in curls where the hair bends as well. There are endless styles, textures and colors when it comes to drawing hair, so it would be impossible to cover them all. But it is important to know how to draw as many different types as possible if you want to excel at portraiture. These quick exercises will give you some practice with two common types of hair: long and wavy hair, and short and curly hair.

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Lightly draw the shapes of the hair with a mechanical pencil. Go over it with some Dark Umber to separate the layers of the hair. Add Light Umber to the hair, and then deepen the dark areas with Dark Umber. Leave the highlight exposed. Use a very sharp pencil point and long, quick pencil strokes to create the appearance of hair strands.

Add Terra Cotta to the hair to give it a reddish shine. Deepen the recessed areas with Dark Umber. Leave a band of light in the protruding areas so the hair looks curved and wavy. Lightly draw the shapes of the hairline, ear and overall shape of the hair with mechanical pencil. Lay in Peach to start the skin tone. When drawing very short hair, take the skin tone up into the hair area.