Manual Life Cycle Costing (German Edition)

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Environmental Life Cycle Costing

In particular, for estimating both the energy costs and the revenues due to the renewables installed , the following contributions, in terms of final energy, were considered:. The analysis within CRAVEzero is based on standard values from EN that provides yearly maintenance costs for each element, including operation, repair, and service, as a percentage of the initial construction cost.

For the passive building elements, an average yearly value accounting for 1. The value has been cross-checked with average values coming from the experience of the industry partners. The analysed case studies are located in different European countries, i. Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden, with specific characteristics in terms of climate conditions, construction, and energy market.

Therefore, in order to compare the results of the case studies and to draw a general overview of the costs of the current nZEB practices, a normalization of the collected data is needed. In particular, the construction costs have been normalised considering the data from the ECC European Construction Costs that calculated a European construction cost index that quantifies the ratio among the construction costs of EU countries. For the climate conditions, the normalisation has been carried out considering the Heating Degree Days of the building locations.

Concerning the energy process, a common value has been adopted. The second part reports an overview of the results, with the comparison of relevant indicators, costs, and performances among the case studies considering the effect of local specificities, different context and use of the buildings i. Looking at the breakdown of the cost for the building elements, and highlighting the impact on the construction costs, results show that in some cases the structural elements represent a significant contribution to the construction, according to the complexity and the dimension of the building.

Moreover, the system can easily scale to over a million participants who know nothing at all about each other's implementation details. As pointed out earlier, traditional systems use point-to-point communications protocols as the backbone of communication. Most of which are proprietary. Now, looking back over the last two decades, we have seen how in the commercial sector the presence of internet protocol as a common baseline has provided a platform for unimaginable innovation.

Albeit, with the consequences of cyber threats. But that's a topic for another day.

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As opposed to traditional systems, IIoT seeks to establish the internet protocol as the backhaul network of communication in industry to enable seamless communication first within the factory floor among devices from various vendors and then with systems in a separate domain which is Information Technology. This enables the fusion of Industry with technologies that hold the promise for unprecedented transformations in how industry operates. In conclusion, there's no doubt that traditional IT systems will maintain its prevalence in industry for many years to come.

So Industrial IoT technologies are not here to replace traditional systems but to complement and make them evolve themselves out of inefficiencies. ERP systems to make full use of the data available throughout the complete value chain. At its center, the solution is focusing on the worker in the shop floor, who ultimately requires a proper gateway to access this information.

Extended administrative efforts of creating work files, searching for any kind if documentation or the recording of tasks and feeding information back belong to the past. By connecting the individual data streams with applications made for the operator creates additional business intelligence.

In essence, Lean Manufacturing 4. Processes are intelligently networked with one another. Production equipment, machines, products and operators exchange information relevant to each other. But how can such projects be truly successful and show the expected returns? With our methodology of KUDA rpa we have developed a rapid plant assessment which is firstly based on understanding workflows, processes and personal experiences of the operators on the shopfloor. Backed through a range of industrial benchmarks we are able to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement within the shortest amount of time.

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Especially in the beginning phase of any project, it is important for us to listen and note all the opinions, observations, wishes and ideas. The networking of shop floor level and ERP system is an often discussed topic, while the general opinion is that introducing similar features on an engineering level as well must besignificantlymore difficult.

A life cycle approach to buildings

And yes, with bundled software solutions, it involves costly, risky IT projects of considerable complexity. KUDA llc's microservices in particular for engineering are satisfying the most urgent needs in the industry. The modular service solutions are easily implemented and create an immediate return of invest. According to which criteria should the service selection be decided? And how do I implement a service that quickly adds value?

KUDA llc has a developed a lean concept on how to approach a possible solution: After carefully reviewing the current state of your organization, you will receive a benchmark-report which compares our findings with typical industry averages. Our set of microservices already offers answers to most of the typical challenges, so that we can discuss best practices on implementing the solution.

To allow a full operator centric solution it is important to us to involve all stakeholders - the ones managing the system, but most of all those employees which will be working with the system day-in-day-out. That guarantees that we take advantage of the motivation and configure workflows for the best user experience.

Because digitization holds enormous potential for companies in mechanical engineering. Especially for SMEs, digitization is not a threat, but a way to increase efficiency. Taking up the challenge, becoming more efficient, Lean Management 4. Due to high capacity utilization and increasing customer expectations, the design is becoming more and more a time factor with regard to short project durations.

Frequent outsourcing is the result. However, specialized service providers and customer solutions will fail to handle this work by conventional means. The mechanical engineering undoubtedly has to find an answer to that. The solution is novel online configurators that can significantly reduce time and cost. This not only speeds up standard tasks, it also eliminates the need for elaborate training thanks to intuitive user interfaces.

After a joint phase of introducing the system, 3 weeks after its launch processes ran smoothly and resource savings were visible. If you have gotten interested in learning more about our solutions, please get in contact with us: info kuda-llc. Deutsch de. English en. More industry insights. Plastics Processing 4. KUDA llc is now offering a free onsite consultation with the ability to right away start with a production scale proof of concept on your shopfloor.

So you can experience how our solution adds value to your processes. Then please get in contact with us for your individual assement: info kuda-llc. Continue reading.

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Edge Computing: Opportunities and Responsibilities. Safety as a central factor The Edge presents a whole new set of challenges for IT security - especially those legacy IT architectures that usually only target datacenter data storage. Planned growth Implementing edge computing is about driving business growth and creating new customer experiences and business opportunities.

Taking advantage However, the architecture of mobile edge applications can facilitate the maintenance of an effective security structure. Responsibility When it comes to implementing edge computing models, KUDA llc provides all the necessary solutions that are irreplaceable for planning and implementation. The life cycle in capital goods is always directly related to long-term production planning. For the OEM as well as for the end customer, the production planning and control is therefore the livelihood. Due to globalization and increasing competitive pressure, there is a need to differentiate more and more from competitors.

This is increasingly happening through the provision of customized services, consisting of tangible and intangible benefits or services. Anticyclically planning, sets one permanently apart from the competition as economic downturns are usually announced. Nevertheless, many industrial companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are poorly prepared for a recession. Only 18 percent belonged to these summiteers.

Student Life Cycle for Study in Germany

The largest group, the hesitant losers 44 percent , underestimated the crisis and cut costs too late, too hectically and strategically undifferentiated. These companies lost a massive amount of competitiveness in the upswing. Thus, the analysis reveals a correlation between short-term crisis agility and long-term value appreciation. The best companies have realized that business cycles are opportunities.

All data points are first captured and preprocessed at the machine via preconfigured edge devices. We offer numerous drivers for all common machine manufacturers. There is no programming necessary. You have full access to the device management; additional micro services such as applications for visualization and data analysis complement the performance spectrum of the Edge Architecture. In addition, APIs are available to share the consolidated data with internal IT systems or to send it to the cloud for comprehensive data analysis.


Zero-Based Value Chain Analysis. Similarly, overall equipment effectiveness OEE can be determined by assessing productivity loss and challenging constraints around scheduling and maintenance standards. Labor-utilization standards are assessed to uncover opportunities to elevate throughput to the best demonstrated levels, and free up workforce not directly required for maintaining production-quality standards.

This category includes both production support functions such as maintenance, cleaning, and engineering as well as management layers that supervise direct labor. For support functions, expert teams evaluate actual requirements and apply the zero-based approach to rethink decisions such as which activities are done by line operators versus support staff, which work should be done on each shift, and which activities should be performed internally versus outsourced. Regulatory requirements, customer specifications, and general practices are scrutinized to determine what is really needed to address market needs.

Customer requirements are also scrutinized; often, a segmentation of customer requirements is necessary to link the cost of fulfilling these requirements to the sales price for example, through menu pricing. In addition, management structure is optimized across support functions and direct labor to remove unnecessary layers and create a more agile, responsive, and efficient organization.

Key question: What is the actual clean-sheet cost for internally provided and third-party services? Costs in this category can vary widely by industry and business model. On the most significant expenditures, internal and external benchmarks can be applied to challenge process areas—for example, inbound logistics versus warehousing versus outbound logistics. At one company, clean-sheet analysis revealed opportunities to reduce the cost for rented warehouse space by more than 20 percent. Vendors and commercial terms are reviewed to identify opportunities to achieve greater scale or secure material-price concessions with an eye toward maximizing total cost of ownership rather than just purchase price.

The granularity provided by a detailed clean-sheet analysis is invaluable when zero-basing materials. In addition, yields for example, process waste or product giveaways are assessed to reduce the gap between the amount of materials purchased and what the company ultimately sells to customers. Successful Digital Transformation Projects.

Predicting Life Cycle Costs For Maintenance Management

While automation success is possible through either traditional top-down waterfall deployment or more flexible agile methods, a systematic approach is key. The success of automation programs also relies on the early engagement of the IT functions. Smaller companies are less likely than larger companies to automate processes, but their success rate is higher. The findings from these organizations show that several differentiators for success hold true regardless of company size.

The Art of Problem Solving. Directing operator attention towards the important details KUDA llc is adopting the findings, in our operator guidance services.