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Survival In The Shadows starts off in a confusing manner. Author Barbara Lovenheim tosses out names of individuals so fast that it's hard to keep everyone straight. It was only when I reached the end of the book that I realized there was a list of both those who hid and those who helped hide. On the contents page in the front of the book, click on or turn to Dramatis Personae.

That list will greatly help any reader who is confused in the beginning of the story. The Jews in hiding were Dr. Arthur Survival In The Shadows starts off in a confusing manner. Where they were successfully hiding is what was a bit astounding--Berlin. They also went out in public, got jobs, went to movies, went to the opera, and even went to an SS party.

They did not all do this as a group, mind you, but individuals did what they had to do to physically survive and to keep from dying of boredom. Everyone was living in various places and some had to move again and again. The Arndts and Lewinskys "disappeared" in January , and came out of hiding for good in April Over 50 non-Jews helped them survive, most of them Germans, and over 20 of those were listed under Dramatis Personae. Besides having to watch out for the Nazis during those two years and three month, starvation and bombs dropped by the Allies were constant threats.

There was a lot of stress, sadness and death in this book, but it was not overwhelming, and the violence was not usually described in a graphic manner. There was also humor at times, particularly where Charlotte Lewinsky was concerned. She was the one making the greatest effort not to expire from dreariness. The book ends with postscripts telling what happened to everyone after the war, a 35 item bibliography, and 43 pictures taken before, during and after the war.

In the beginning of the book, in the introduction, Ms. Lovenheim also did a bit of interesting speculation as to why the "Arndt-Lewinsky-Gumpel group" was the "largest known group to have survived as a unit" in Berlin. Note: A free e-copy of this book was provided to me by NetGalley and the author or publisher. Nov 23, Ruby Bibi rated it really liked it. Fascinating and extremely well written -Very absorbing book of a group of Jews who were hidden away within Berlin during the time of the Holocaust. The author does a tremendous job in keeping the stories of these survivors, who were just a few of many thousands, very clear and she was able to convey the fear, the hunger as well as those isolated happier times that these survivors experienced.

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The courage of the German citizens, and the self sacrifice they exhibited in the face of Nazi threats against anyone found harboring Jews, is nothing short of heroic. Arthur Arndt, a well liked family doctor who treated both Jew and Gentile alike. Because of his giving nature, his patients were appalled from what he was going to have to endure when Jews were being sent to the camps. He faked his death and went into hiding along with his wife, Lina, and two grown children, Erich and Ruth. Eric's girlfriend, Ellen Lewinsky and her mother Charlotte, along with Eric's friend Bruno, made up what ended out to be 7 in the group.

Besides being looked after with the help of over kind people, they also did what they could to help each other. In addition, the number of people who both actively helped at the risk of their lives, and those that helped in other ways, by leaving extra food for the group, shows that German citizenry did act against the Nazis, and that those that joined the Nazis in their oppressive acts, had no excuse. Feb 03, Aline rated it it was amazing. I got so involved with the characters in this story.

How brave they were to be able to go out at night or during the day to get food or get help. They family, though they were not together, survived by encouraging each other. The Germans, who helped them survive, took on a great responsibility for providing good and shelter to the family. Truly a good read. May 16, Teresa Fischer rated it it was amazing. A look into how a few Jews actually survived in Berlin before the end of the war. This was an awesome and informative read. Written very well—through the eyes of 7 survivors.

The book also offers into the insight of the minds of the Jews and what got them through emotionally. I will read again!! Sep 01, Nancy E. Koontz rated it it was amazing. Hidden Jews surviving the War This book is a learning experience about survival in a way quite different from Anne Frank. These 7 Jews survived through hard work,incredible helpers, and their own desire to survive.

Highly recommend this book, especially in schools after reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Gives another perspective of the period. Oct 17, Peggy rated it it was amazing. Being born after WWII, I had knowledge from what happened in Germany and other European countries, but this first-hand account of the survivors who lived in Berlin was eye-opening to me. I can't even imagine living that way for so many years. I congratulate them on their ingenuity and will to live.

And the people who helped them - they are heroes. Jul 02, Daniel Feiman rated it it was amazing. Read it; think about it; share it. Feb 24, Melanie rated it really liked it. The people who took risks to do the right thing in a time of horrific events were true heroes. Dec 10, Jcappello rated it it was amazing. Absorbing Until this book, stories of Jews who survived in Berlin under Hitler were unknown to me. Reaffirms the basic decency in many German citizens who quietly and courageously defied the regime,.

Dec 22, Kristine Hicken rated it it was amazing.

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Excellent Unbelievable story of survival. I had no idea any Jewish people stayed in Berlin throughout the war. Thank you to Ms. Lovenheim for bringing this story to light in such a wonderful book. I couldn't put it down. Nov 15, Marcia Ditter rated it it was amazing. This is the story of the Arndt family and their friends. The Arndt family are Jews living in Berlin. They have decided to go into hiding. Their friends, anti-Nazis, agree to help them in many ways. Some can help them with living arrangements, food cards, jobs.

May 14, Ann Lee Earnshaw rated it it was amazing. Well documented and interesting reading. After the War photos remind reader how many did not. Feb 04, Debra Nottingham rated it it was amazing. Great read This is such a great book to read to realize what the Jews went thru with Hitler. I am so thankful to the Germans who hid these people. Nov 21, Katinka rated it really liked it Shelves: history. Jul 06, Chrisann Justice rated it it was amazing Shelves: holocaust-war , memoirs-autobiographies.

I loved the perspective of those that survived the Holocaust by hiding in the cities and being helped by Gentiles throughout the war. May 15, Bobbie Davis rated it it was amazing.

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A great story of the human kindness offered by people who could have suffered greatly including death for helping others survive. Mar 07, Emilie rated it it was amazing. Had a hard time putting this one down. Very readable, inspiring, and humane. Feb 19, John Strunk rated it really liked it. Historical I found the book very interesting.

The people were very brave during a difficult if not impossible,time. May we learn from the past. Feb 22, Jessie rated it it was amazing. Very good read. The largest family to do so. Survivor stories inspire me. In late the Arndt family realized that working as slave labor in German industry was not going to save their lives. Thus began for these seven people, two and a half years of living underground, waiting for the In late the Arndt family realized that working as slave labor in German industry was not going to save their lives. Thus began for these seven people, two and a half years of living underground, waiting for the Nazis to lose the war.

This is the story of survival and those who put their lives at risk to help save their Jewish neighbors. Dr Arndt had been a well-liked obstetrician in the part of Berlin they lived in. His patients were both Jews and non-Jews and he treated all patients who came to his office, not matter the problem or ability to pay.

Many of the people who helped them get through the war were either patients or relatives of patients that the Doctor had helped over the years. The two main groups that helped them were the Gehres, Max and Anni, who were had a factory in nearby Kreuzberg and employed Erich and Bruno during most of the war.

Erich and Bruno lived most of the time in a closed off storeroom in the attic of the factory. By the end of the war, all seven of them were living in the factory. The second group were Gretchen and Karl Dubler, who hid Charlotte and Ellen at their summer house before they escaped to Berlin. They also supplied the families with ration cards they bought on the black market from friend. At times they worked as seamstresses, nurses Ruth was a trained nurse, as was Ellen. Ruth and Ellen both worked for Senor and Senora Santaella, the Spanish Ambassador and his wife, as nannies for their children until they left for Spain near the end of the war.

One of the great anecdotes in the story is when the son Erich ended up beating up once of his fellow workers a Hitler Youth who questioned his faithfulness to the Fuhrer. With the war coming to an end, they were bombed out of their housing and all of them ended up in the factory. When the Russian came in February , they set up a command post across the street from the Factory. When Charlotte went to complain, she met a Jewish soldier who got them food, and protection from the rampaging soldiers. They were all able to come to America after the war and raise families.

Great story. Zeb Kantrowitz zworstblog. Nov 14, JT rated it really liked it. From the first to the end paragraph, I was hooked and couldn't put this book down I even snuck it under my desk at work to read. The book is well-written and doesn't skip a beat. The characters are well-developed along with the storyline. I could feel the anxiety and intensity that these people must have endured while living out this tragic and horrifying time in Germany.

It is an amazing testimony to humans determined to survive those that needed help and those who helped. If you have a cou From the first to the end paragraph, I was hooked and couldn't put this book down I even snuck it under my desk at work to read. If you have a couple of 'me' hours, I highly recommend this book.

This is an extraordinary account how 7 members of the Arndt, Lewinsky and the Gumpel families managed to survive through the final and most deadly years of the Holocaust by hiding together from the Nazis. This book is deeply moving. The narrative involves three voices those of Ellen and Erich Arndt and of Ruth Arndt Gumpel and is based o This is an extraordinary account how 7 members of the Arndt, Lewinsky and the Gumpel families managed to survive through the final and most deadly years of the Holocaust by hiding together from the Nazis.

The narrative involves three voices those of Ellen and Erich Arndt and of Ruth Arndt Gumpel and is based on their collective memories and transcripts of their journals. This is their stories and those of non-Jewish Germans who risked their lives to keep them alive during their perilous struggle to escape the Nazis. To enhance the experience the author has added thirty pages of photographs of various personages before and after the war, some with their children and grandchildren. From the first page I was immersed in the lives of these survivors.

This memorable page turner and incredible story will stay with me for a long time. I highly recommended this book for its presentation, its well documented content and for the subject manner. Thank you for sharing these memories. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. His blood moved through his veins like sludge, pushed by his barely beating heart. It had worked, at first. Everything on me hurts. Why did he feel so terrible? The lethargy was bone deep and almost painful. Maybe he could just take a nap right here.

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Barabbas walked over and kicked the bottom of his foot. From what he could tell, the process of integration had completed in this dark place out of self-preservation. The two halves of his soul had become one mid beating in an effort to help him survive. The merging had stolen his breath and drawn his legs up to his belly as a sharp stabbing sensation assailed his chest.

The breath had sawed in and out of his lungs as he regained his equilibrium before Dantalion, his demonic tormentor, could take advantage of his weakness.

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Now, his captors were keeping him as weak as possible, and the longer he was here, the less fight he had. Something about the atmosphere seemed to suck his powers away just like before. No…not his powers. Then BAM, tree to the face. I recently posted of my decision to shut down most of my editing business because it was hurting my writing. It was hurting it more than I knew.

Through all of that, I wrote a book…badly.

But it definitely needs fixed. When I first became a member of this community of authors, writing professionals, and fans, I was a reader, and I always will be. Upon the realization that I was to become a single mother of eight I mean, I knew how many kids I had. It was the single part that was a surprise. But in my heart of hearts, I was always a writer. Yesterday, I posted on Facebook that I was shutting down my editing business. This way, I will have time to write and be a mom, not just some sort of editing gremlin who never sleeps and is always grumpy and often sick.

Plus, I need downtime too. I just have to make it through this month, which is frankly going to be hell. This month I have five books on my editing schedule, not to mention edits on my own book will be returned to me. I already had to push my book release back because of editing work and the crazy amount of illness that has occurred in my home this winter.

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Not only were the kids dropping left and right, but my health was compromised by the crazy schedule I was keeping and trying to care for my family at the same time. It was this that ultimately led to my decision to shut it all down and focus on my number one passion: writing. Starting in May, I will have at most two books maybe three on occasion on my schedule for edits, leaving me plenty of time to craft my own stories.

Getting book two of The Bearer of Truth series done has been a nightmare. Add to that the normal impostor syndrome, worries about how readers are going to take the book, some feedback that shook me for a while, and I had a soup of self-doubt, anxiety, and depression just waiting to drown me. But, ultimately, I pulled up my big girl pants and made some changes to the story, though not too many. I have to write what is in my heart and go where my characters lead. I have beta feedback to go through and edits are coming, and I know I will put out the best version of the story possible.

This series is slow burn when it comes to the romance. I hope you all will stick with me through their journey. In other news, I have a tentative release date of May 6th for Surviving the Shadows. I will be doing a preorder once again, and it should be up before the original release date since I had promo already scheduled all around that date. Blurbs are hard. Gabriel has been gone longer than predicted, and Evander is growing increasingly worried each day that passes without his return.

With a little help from a newly-returned and empty-handed Michael and Barabbas, Evander discovers Gabriel has been calling out for help across their nascent bond. With a little backup from an unlikely source, they set off to rescue Gabriel from the depths of the Underworld. Against all odds, Evander and the team fight through the Underworld to reach Gabriel, and come face to face with mortality.

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